An Exploration of the Theme

When you think about homebound, what comes to mind? What is subjectively conjured by the word “home” and the word “bound?” In conjunction?

Home, the lack of one, missing a home, displacement, to the other end of the spectrum where one is unable to leave due to medical, socio-political, economical, and situational conditions, evokes very real and raw components of our identity.

Homebound can be an ephemeral or lifelong journey, a place of safety, a person of comfort. The act of returning, or wishing to return, to your history and your roots. And it can very well be homelessness in all meanings of the word.

Whether creators associate this with hope, hopelessness, happiness, loss, suffocation, and/or longing, is a choice that The Missing Slate encourages them to explore in this upcoming issue “Homebound.”

The TMS Backstory