About The Missing Slate

the missing slate

The Missing Slate is a non-profit art and literary journal created with intent to uphold free speech irrespective of geography, political, or religious affiliations. Our goal is simple: to honour talent and incorporate as many styles, opinions, and cultures as possible. The magazine is a “borderless” one with a culturally and intellectually diverse team that believes art is too inclusive to be mapped.

The story behind our name (a question we’re often asked) arose from the current literary landscape in Pakistan. We wanted to publish a magazine that paid tribute to our diversity by opening our “borders” to include submissions from other countries (and have published work from over 90 so far, including Pakistan). The magazine’s essays and commentaries would still cater to our roots in some way but Pakistan would not be an end-all destination for the magazine. As South Asian magazines are usually rooted in the region’s geography, such a platform was missing in the local publishing scene. Because slates are still used to write and teach in most rural Pakistani villages, it felt fitting for the magazine to be called The Missing Slate, finding and publishing voices our editors felt were important to a discerning reader.

Editor-in-Chief / Founder
Maryam Piracha

Senior Fiction Editor
Casey Harding

Senior Essays Editor
Constance A. Dunn

Senior Art Editor
Haseeb Ali Chishti

Art Editors
Varda Nisar
Amogha Lakshmi

Art Critic
Shameen Arshad

Poetry Editors
Katy Lewis Hood
Julie Haasova

Fiction Editors
Mehreen Fatima Ashfaq
Sofia Ahmad
Ifra Asad

City Editors
Momina Mindeel, Lahore
Orooj-e-Zafar, Islamabad

Contributing Editors
Noah Klein
Aaron Grierson
Elishma Noel
Elizabeth Lee Reynolds
M. Russek

We are especially grateful to the magazine’s managing editor, Jacob Silkstone, who we thank for seven years of service, passion, and dedication to the magazine. The magazine today is a testament to Jacob’s vision and we wish him every success in the years ahead.

Thank you to past editors