Story of the Week


"In everything, Schopenhauer argued, there was will... will represented by a man and his falcons, or two couples fumbling along on vacation or this darkness..." Story of the Week (September 26), by Robert Earle.
Poem of the Week

The Betrothed

"they seldom gave each other pleasure/and in vain they learnt patience and goodwill,/ in vain they taught their bodies..." Poem of the Week (September 30), by Gábor Schein. Translated from Hungarian by Erika Mihálycsa.
The Little Mermaid by Amy Dale

Solitary Consignment

Features Editor Maria Amir writes of the silent battles being waged between art and soul
Laughing Gas 1907

Laughing Gas: The Close-Up and Racial Spectacle

Chuck Williamson revisits Edwin S. Porter's 'Laughing Gas' (1907), a film which 'traffics in racial spectacle.'
Artwork by Amira Farooq

Gender Equilibrium or Bust

Returning contributor Kent Monroe discusses gender equality, why we need it and the consequences we face for lack of it.

Our Lives, Seasoned with Poetry & Fairy Tales

How is it that we cling to concepts like hope and love, yet ignore their purveyors? Returning contributor Madhurima Duttagupta muses about the essence of human nature.
 Alone in Babel
Karachi Imtiaz

Karachi, You’re Killing Me!

"As far as debut novels go, this one is pretty fantastic... Plus, it has a cat." Ghausia Rashid Salam reviews Saba Imtiaz's first novel.
Maria Pinto

Author of the Month: Maria Pinto

"I try and try to constantly look at the world as if nothing is obvious, like children do. I mostly fail at that because the lens can’t help but harden as one gets older..." Maria Pinto, Author of the Month for August, talks ...