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“I liked the kid. He made me nervy, but I liked him. If he hadn’t come along, I wouldn’t have made it. I wouldn’t have even made it halfway backwards if I had it in me to try.” Story of the Week (August 28), by N.V. Baker.

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All in the family by Moeen Farooqi. Image Courtesy: ArtChowk Gallery

On missing the family

“This is how he remembers his family,/ this is how he misses them. Meanwhile,/ just outside the dingy rented room they/ still go on fighting…” Weekend poem, by Souradeep Roy.

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Zuha Siddiqui

Author of the Month: Zuha Siddiqui

“Fiction possesses the ability to reveal stories that facts, figures and historical accounts tend to gloss over…” Zuha Siddiqui, The Missing Slate’s Author of the Month for May, talks to Umamah Wajid.



American Gods

Noah Klein’s tongue-in-cheek examination of the connection between the Wheaties box and the American dream.


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LLF 2015: Sahar Rehan

Sahar Rehan reads out her winning entry ‘The Barren Lands’. Set in Pakistan’s Thar Desert, ‘The Barren Lands’ tells a story about a people’s morals as dry and arid as the place they live; about the insufferable cruelties inflicted on women and how the mistakes of men must be borne by women. Coupled with rich detail and nuanced observations of life in the desert, ‘The Barren Lands’ captured our attention from the very first sentence and maintained it through the length of the piece.

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LLF 2015: Yusra Amjad

Yusra Amjad reads out her winning entry, ‘Big, Little’. The short story examines a young relationship and a young woman’s perspective on it, turning the tables on the ‘traditional’ perspectives by interjecting a strong female narrator into the proceedings, awakening to her sexuality and her needs, which are often at odds with her partner’s.