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Eternal Life

“The woman walks into the living room. She acts as if everything is normal, but I can see how she’s looking around, taking it all in.” Story of the Week (February 5), by Henriette Houth. Translated from Danish by Mark Mussari.

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Poem of the Week


“You bend your head,/ offering up a scalp for my perusal,/ inviting some small sense of revelation/ in this act of witness.” Poem of the Week (February 3), by Rosalind Jana.

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Author of the Month: Zino Asalor

“What others see of us and vice versa is often the result of a great and ongoing internal struggle to appear consistent.” Zino Asalor, our December Author of the Month, talks to Haseeb Ali Chishti.

Nancy Anne Miller

Poet of the Month: Nancy Anne Miller

“…every poet writes from exile. For myself, it took me a long time to acknowledge I was an immigrant.” Nancy Anne Miller, The Missing Slate’s November 2015 Poet of the Month, talks with Afshan Shafi.



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Voices in Verse Vol. 1: ‘I Don’t Know What It Means To Be A Pakistani’

Farda Ali Khan performs her poem, ‘I Don’t Know What It Means To Be A Pakistani’. In a close competition, she placed third in a competition that showcased the talents of young poets under 30, from backgrounds as diverse as medicine, computer science and engineering, and the literary arts. The poem examines the shifting sands of culture against a backdrop of fragile patriotism.

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Voices in Verse Vol. 1: ‘When Your Body Smiles’

Finalist and winner Orooj-e-Zafar performs her winning poem, ‘When Your Body Smiles’. She tied with Risham Amjad when the panel of judges that included poet and TMS contributor Ilona Yusuf and the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, was undecided on who to give the final prize to. Her poem speaks to the importance of being true to who you are and the daily struggle of being comfortable in your own skin.