Story of the Week

Outside Solar dos Príncipes

"The slimy bastards come strolling in, poking around in our past, and we open up like little birds. Tell our stories like parrots. We sing, we roll over. We offer them our coca-cola." Story of the Week (May 22), by Marcelino Fr...
Poem of the Week

But I was…

"I was sleeping, exact as bread/ to the lips of the famished. I was formidable in/ my sleep..." Poem of the Week (May 28), by Allison Grayhurst.
The Little Mermaid by Amy Dale

Solitary Consignment

Features Editor Maria Amir writes of the silent battles being waged between art and soul

Independent I: An Interview With Anam Abbas

We talked to Anam Abbas about her upcoming film 'Showgirls of Pakistan', a documentary feature on the lives of dancing girls in Punjab, Pakistan.

A Dream of the Earth: Part Two

"I realize I've been ... a kind of psychedelic Philistine. Perhaps it was my slightly romanticized, somewhat pantheistic, sense of all this..." Part two of Michael C. Blumenthal's essay on the psychedelic experience in mid-age.

American Gods

Noah Klein's tongue-in-cheek examination of the connection between the Wheaties box and the American dream.
Photo by Jeffrey Prosser

Red Island

Sarah Walmsley takes a trip down to Madagascar to see the lemurs, a curious species both endangered by humans and dependent on them for existence.
 Personal Essay
Aik Fauji by Mohammad Ismaeel. Courtesy: ArtChowk Gallery.


"We liked to be Indians as much as we did cowboys—maybe more. The tide was turning. Or so we were told. Or so we wanted to believe." Nancy Caronia juxtaposes the then and now of childhood in this week's personal essay.
 Alone in Babel
AiB 3

Kissing Angles

Jacob Silkstone reviews Sarah Fletcher's debut pamphlet.
Jarkko Tontti. Kuva Irmeli Jung 2005

Poet of the Month: Jarkko Tontti

"In general, creative writing needs rules and constraints, ways to more or less artificially limit the unlimited options available to the writer." Jarkko Tontti talks to Camille Ralphs in the latest instalment of our Poet of th...