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“in the village over the turn-bridge,/ the papaya trees bear flowers in white/ and the young pale shoots of bamboo loom over the uthan…” Poem of the Week (June 30), by Shibaji Ray.

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Zuha Siddiqui

Author of the Month: Zuha Siddiqui

“Fiction possesses the ability to reveal stories that facts, figures and historical accounts tend to gloss over…” Zuha Siddiqui, The Missing Slate’s Author of the Month for May, talks to Umamah Wajid.

farah 4

Author of the Month: Farah Ahamed

“Fiction writers need, aside from an imagination and self-discipline, a strong sense of self-belief.” Farah Ahamed, The Missing Slate’s Author of the Month for April, talks to Cecilia Greco.

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Gary Butte - Ancestors, for Kamau B. ( April 2011 Mask Parade)

The alter/native

“There is no other figure, in the history of Caribbean poetry, as massive as Kamau Brathwaite.” Vladimir Lucien’s essay on the enduring influence of a towering figure in Caribbean literature.