Artwork by Mohsin ShafI.

Resting Place

"I’m exhausted now, or rather, I think that I had already become tired a long time ago..." Story of the Week (November 21), by Naiyer Masud. Translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon.
Poem of the Week

Olive Verses

"When the Damascus Steel/ lurched in the sky/ a crescent about to fall..." Poem of the Week (November 25), by Nineb Lamassu.
The Little Mermaid by Amy Dale

Solitary Consignment

Features Editor Maria Amir writes of the silent battles being waged between art and soul

Reinventing the Reel: Grace of Monaco

Film critic Chuck Williamson gathers his thoughts on ‘Grace of Monaco’, Olivier Dahan’s much-maligned Cannes 2014 opener.
Leonidas Madeline

Being Young and Gay in Greece

Madeline Weng examines the LGBT rights situation in Greece, a country scarred by high unemployment and rising support for the extreme far-right.
Adam and Eve by Moeen Farooqi. Courtesy: ArtChowk Gallery.

The Marital Groupthink

At a time where "femininity" is weighed by the proclivity of procreation, the author ponders what place "the white picket fence" fantasy merits in Pakistan today.
 Alone in Babel
Arno Camenisch

Diary: Arno Camenisch in Brooklyn, New York

Sauleha Kamal on an evening with Swiss writer Arno Camenisch at Book Court in Brooklyn.
Kyla Pasha

Poet of the Month: Kyla Pasha

"All poems are love poems, you know." Continuing our Poet of the Month series, Kyla Pasha talks to Rosario Freire.