Story of the Week


"Deborah Rancoff was never beautiful, but her drowned body was." Story of the Week (April 18), by Madeleine Lee.
Poem of the Week

Tārā at the Prom

"There were only skeletons at the prom but/ Tārā was not afraid..." Poem of the Week (April 22), by Ottilie Mulzet.
Eenie Meanie Miney Mo IX. by Ira Joel

Reclaiming the Narrative

Features Editor Sana Hussain's essay explores sexual power plays in Pakistani Urdu writer Ismat Chughtai’s short stories.
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Happiness, The Kind That Lasts

Can happiness be achieved, or is it an attribute assigned at birth? Junior Articles Editor Mariam Tareen explores scientific research to find out.
Artwork by Aamir Habib. Courtesy: ArtChowk Gallery.

Patriotic Paranoia

Senior Articles Editor Mahnoor Yawar muses on the shortcomings and misrepresentations of Marvel comics movie adaptations.
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Sarajevo from Another Angle

Contributing writer Maida Salkanović explores the modern day fall-out of peace negotiations in Bosnia-Herzegovina more than 20 years ago.
 Alone in Babel
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IRL: Rachael Allen’s 4chan Poems

"The curatorial authorship emphasised in post-internet poetry, the devaluation of originality, reflects the experience of an artist in a culture that forgets nothing: the panic attack of influence." Charles Whalley on Rachael A...

Private Theatre: The Color Wheel

Senior film critic Tom Nixon writes on Alex Ross Perry’s blackly comic, uniquely affecting road movie 'The Color Wheel'.