Story of the Week

The Chair

"It was there every morning... set before the sea as if ready to serve. A cane chair—stiff, high-backed, all the more out of place for how intact it looked." Story of the Week (February 27), by Jean Muno. Translated from Fren...
Poem of the Week


" electrifying it was/ holding a hand, what quiet/ fingertips felt like on my / cheek..." Poem of the Week (March 3), by Jess Hackett.
The Little Mermaid by Amy Dale

Solitary Consignment

Features Editor Maria Amir writes of the silent battles being waged between art and soul

Reinventing the Reel: Foxcatcher

Film critic Michael Dodd writes on Bennett Miller's 'Foxcatcher', the most unexpected omission from the Academy's Best Picture nominations.

The Silhouettes of Canton

"Due to the severe lack of options the girls currently working here have, they are more akin to sex slaves than sex workers." S.E. Smith reports on human trafficking in Guangzhou.
Artwork by Amira Farooq. Image Courtesy of the artist

Acceptable Selfies for the Educated Individual

At a time where everyone seems to be on social media decrying the latest controversy or terrorist attack, Emily Eagen explores whether online activism can really make a difference.
 Alone in Babel

A Poem I Cannot Write

Flora de Falbe starts our 'Poets on Poets' series by reflecting on sexism and censorship in organised religion.
Raoul Schrott

Poet of the Month: Raoul Schrott

"Poetry is a kind of echo-sounding...." Continuing the Poet of the Month interview series, Raoul Schrott talks to Jamie Osborn.