Story of the Week

The Key

" 'Don’t open it.' That’s what she gone and told me..." Story of the Week (April 24) by Megan Kenley.
Poem of the Week

Because everyone needs a roomy place

"...a yurt would make a lighter home,/ the only real friends are in the wilderness,/ every house a prison..." Poem of the Week (April 28), by Jarkko Tontti. Translated from Finnish by Lola Rogers.
The Little Mermaid by Amy Dale

Solitary Consignment

Features Editor Maria Amir writes of the silent battles being waged between art and soul

Independent I: An Interview With Anam Abbas

We talked to Anam Abbas about her upcoming film 'Showgirls of Pakistan', a documentary feature on the lives of dancing girls in Punjab, Pakistan.

A Dream of the Earth: Part Two

"I realize I've been ... a kind of psychedelic Philistine. Perhaps it was my slightly romanticized, somewhat pantheistic, sense of all this..." Part two of Michael C. Blumenthal's essay on the psychedelic experience in mid-age.
The injured earth

America the Brutalful

"America’s beautiful face is a conglomerate, a skin of managed myths. Peel it back and the beautiful is revealed as the brutal." Kent Monroe looks at how racism is interconnected with what it means to be American.
Mary de sousa

Author of the Month: Mary de Sousa

"It has taken me a long time to believe that writing for myself is a legitimate way to spend the day." Mary de Sousa, The Missing Slate's Author of the Month for February, talks to Casey Harding.