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Issue 1


by Yusra Amjad after noticing that i don’t say my namaz, or keep my rozasor read my quran and thus far haveno plans to complete 50% of my faithby getting married, after becomingtoo afraid to even… Read More »Nano


by Haseeb Sultan Haseeb Sultan is an orthodontist, writer, and artist living in Islamabad, Pakistan. Scheherezade Junejo was born in 1986 in Karachi. She graduated from National College of Arts, Lahore, in January 2010 with… Read More »Untitled


by Neomi Vira I see my mother when I hear the number 3/4“3/4 cups flour and 1/4 cup water,” she used to say When we made my favorite blueberry pancakesBy the emerald marble stone window sill… Read More »3/4

Lice In My Head

by Rohee Shah ‘To be born woman is to know—Although they do not talk of it at school—That we must labour to be beautiful.’– William Butler Yeats I got 75% in schoolMy glass is neitherhalf-empty,… Read More »Lice In My Head

Life Pieces

by Ved Murarka An important aspect of photography involves capturing important moments and making memories so we can look back on them later. While this is mostly true, I find that in my own work… Read More »Life Pieces