Issue 1: 3/4


by Yusra Amjad when my cat died, he almost didn’t.the day before his last he was strongerthan ever, the purr back in his throat andthe happy squint back in his eyes. that is howi think… Read More »Almost

1/4th Something Else

by Nwa A. Rizwi Ever since she was a little girl, there had always been one thing she wanted – marriage.  This wasn’t limited to just the idea of marriage, or the event in itself,… Read More »1/4th Something Else


by Yusra Amjad quite the life i used to havequite the beauty i used to bequite the future i had lying ahead of methe conviction with which the sunused to rise and set in my… Read More »Eulogy

Next In Line

Next In Line by Zahra Hamdulay A tower has two stories. The top floor window depicts a woman wrapped in black. Her hair is ragged and her expression distraught but the most striking thing about… Read More »Next In Line

Sugar Crash

by Ananya Sahoo TW: Sexual Abuse I. I don’t check under the bed anymore. Did you know evil looked human,And ate dinner at your table? One hand on the cutlery, another on my frill clad thigh,Is this why… Read More »Sugar Crash

Lice In My Head

Lice In My Head by Rohee Shah ‘To be born woman is to know—Although they do not talk of it at school—That we must labour to be beautiful.’– William Butler Yeats I got 75% in… Read More »Lice In My Head


Aphrodisiac by Ananya Sahoo TW: Sexual assault I.  Aren’t broken lips aphrodisiacs? It’s date night and I wore your favorite shade of lilac lipstick.See? It matches my left eye perfectly. And Tuesday’s ‘discussion’ is peeping out shylyFrom… Read More »Aphrodisiac

The Road Back

Maryam Piracha reflects on the twin journeys that she and the magazine have taken since TMS’s sabbatical and our return.