Pisces L’ Amore

Floating upstream
comes naturally,
when you’re a fish…

It’s easy to go
with the flow of a strong current
destination unknown.

Floating upstream
comes naturally,
when you’re a fish…

Beware of those
who cast the net far and wide
who drop you a plastic line.

For there’s nothing easy
about struggling to breathe
when they’ve got you, hook, line and sinker
and they’ve wrenched you out of the water.

There’s nothing natural
when you’ve been cut open
you’ve spilled your guts
because they’ve used their heart as bait

Trust is unnatural; Love is cold blooded murder.

— Iskra Valentine

Iskra Valentine is an activist, feminist, burlesque artist and writer from Australia. When she is not tackling GBLTI issues in writing, she is out protesting them in the streets or on stage. Iskra finds her inspiration on quiet nights, reading beat poetry in the bath listening to Nick Cave with a drink in one hand and cigarette in another.