Submissions are currently closed across all categories. Check this page for updates over the next few weeks to know when we re-open.

We take submissions in three categories: art, poetry, and fiction. Narrative nonfiction is currently closed to public submissions. Though submissions are open throughout the year, each category has its separate submissions guidelines, which we ask you to respect.

As a final word, we respect the time and talent of those who submit to us and who expect a timely response, but we ask for a minimum of three and a maximum of six weeks to get back to you. Rest assured, we have received your submissions and will get back to you as soon as we can either way.

All rights revert to the author upon publication. Should your work be republished elsewhere, either online or in print, we would be very grateful if you credit The Missing Slate.

Please note: we are unable to pay contributors.


Poems of any theme and subject will be considered, but preference will be given to poems which demonstrate craft and originality; plagiarism will not be tolerated in any way. Submissions are rolling and we publish pieces weekly, as Poems of the Week and Weekend Poems.

Please do NOT:

  • Email your submissions to us. Use our submissions manager system for this.

Please DO:

  • Submit a maximum of 3 poems, as a single Microsoft Word attachment, to the form.
  • Label your attached Microsoft Word files as ‘Your Name – TMS Poetry‘.
  • Include a short (up to 60 words) third-person bio in your cover letter which can be published along with your submission.
  • Remember that simultaneous submissions (to other publications) are accepted, but please let us know and notify us immediately if your piece is accepted for publication somewhere else.
  • Realize that though we do occasionally feature previously published pieces, permission to re-print must be ascertained from the original publisher.
  • Credit TMS if your piece is re-published with another publication.

The Missing Slate strives to respond to submissions within three weeks, but please allow us up to six weeks before inquiring after your submission. To make an inquiry, e-mail poetry@themissingslate.comPlease do NOT email your submissions to this address.


General fiction submissions will be considered for our Story of the Week series published every Friday on our website.

There is no particular style we are looking for. Diversity of style, subject matter, tone, and country of origin is important to us. We also encourage submissions of translations of works by living writers as well, with permission from the original author.

  • Please include a short (up to 60 words) third-person bio in the cover letter section as well as a word count for your piece(s).
  • Label your attached Microsoft Word files as ‘Your Name – TMS Fiction‘.
  • Submissions should be in 1.5″ line spacing, 11-pt, justified, and in Georgia font.
  • Simultaneous submissions (i.e. submitting to other magazines) are permitted, but please notify us at the e-mail address below if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • We do not object to publishing previously published pieces, but permission to reprint must be obtained before you submit from the original publisher. If you choose to republish your piece with another publication, please credit The Missing Slate as the first publisher.

The Missing Slate strives to respond to submissions within three weeks, but please allow us up to six weeks before inquiring after your submission. To make an inquiry, e-mail Please do NOT email your submissions to this address.


Please note, these submissions are not the same as our Roving Eye Spotlight series. However, submissions can sometimes be converted into a Spotlight interview per our discretion.

  • When submitting works of art, please make sure that you send us high resolution (300 dpi) files.
  • Any artwork goes; paintings, illustrations, digital art photography, etc. If it’s art, we take it.
  • Concerning photo essays, please send in a series of up to 8 high res photographs with a meaningful theme: social, religious, cultural, etc.
  • Please ensure that the subject is relevant to our magazine’s audience and content. We don’t want random pictures of your pet puppies or cats in your backyard… there must be meaning and relevance, and it should reflect in your submissions.
  • Please send in all submissions as attachments. DO NOT include the work in the body of your email.

All material is credited. Please note: artwork, though always credited, is sometimes re-used should the need arise. If you do not hear back from us by eight weeks, please direct inquiries to Haseeb Chishti, at