Eenie Meanie Miney Mo IX. by Ira Joel

Reclaiming the Narrative

Features Editor Sana Hussain's essay explores sexual power plays in Pakistani Urdu writer Ismat Chughtai’s short stories.

The 14 Gauge Hydration Machine by Brett Stout

Cutting Through The Fat

"Perhaps the most annoying pro-choice synonym I have discovered for being fat is “bubbly”. As if the extra poundage somehow magically morphs into excess humor and verbosity," writes Features Editor Maria Amir in the Winter ...

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USS: The Uncertain State of Superheroism

"While moral ambiguity is not an option for superheroes, how far can a writer take political and social messages of their time without resorting to the pulpit?" asks Deputy Articles Editor Mahnoor Yawar.


The Rise of Pakistan’s First Comic Book Giants

From a Facebook page to bringing out Pakistan's first true comic book, Ghausia Rashid Salam traces the progress of the Kachee Goliyan Comics' boys.

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Free Falling

In exquisite prose, Features Editor Maria Amir ruminates 'freedom', what it means now and whether an absolute definition is even merited.

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Manto’s Nuances of Freedom

Features Editor Sana Hussain writes of Pakistan's arguably most controversial writer in Urdu and how the troubled writer coped with 1947's partition from India.

whisper inside - etching on somerset sheet - 23.5X32.5 cm - edition of 8

Belonging & Identity Through Literature

In the seventh issue's cover feature, Sana Hussain writes about the constant quest for belonging in literature from the Lost Generation up to and including the twenty first century.


The Revolving Doors of Publishing

"A literature such as ours, which is slowly maturing and coming into its own, is often hauled over the coals for being elitist, or unrepresentative of the “true” Pakistan," writes Sana Hussain. This generalization betrays t...


Theatre of the Absurd

Priyanka Uchil writes about the changing perceptions around arranged marriages in the sub continent, arguing that "tying a chastity belt around a land that preached, practiced and propagated the Kamasutra seems a little far-fet...

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  • Last Panel- Wajahat Ali, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Michael Muhammad Knight, G. Willow Wilson
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  • Amra Khan Alice 36x41 cm Oil on canvas board detail
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  • When Novels Get High on Fire, by Brett Stout
  • Buddah by Chitra Pritam